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Fallen footy star guilty

Townsville developer and rugby league identity jarrod mccracken has been fined $600 for assaulting a former business partner on his wedding day after an argument over money.

Mccracken pleaded guilty in the southport magistrates court yesterday.

The court heard mccracken went to the home of colourful gold coast developer harry kakavas in november 2006 to confront him over an alleged debt of more than $5 million.

The pair got into a scuffle and mr kakavas hit his head on a sliding glass door, the court was told.

Mr kakavas did not make a complaint to police at the time of the alleged assault.

In august 2007 mccracken launched civil proceedings in the nsw supreme court to recover the money he claimed he was owed.

Following that in may last year, mr kakavas http://www.8eze.com/wedding-party-dress/flower-girl-dresses.html filed a complaint to police over the assault and mccracken was charged.

The case before the nsw supreme court, which is yet to go to trial, involves three dealings between mccracken and kakavas who were formerly close friends.

The matter is alleged to have stemmed from an agreement reached by mccracken company, coastline constructions, and mr kakavas for the $14 million purchase of a property, understood to be an office building at 16 queensland avenue, broadbeach.

Yesterday in court, mccracken, a former new zealand rugby league captain, who also played for the canterbury bulldogs, parramatta eels and wests tigers in the nrl, also pleaded guilty to wilful damage.

His lawyer, simon lewis, www.8eze.com said his client was remorseful over the incident.

Magistrate michael hogan fined mccracken $600 and did not record a conviction.

There was no order for compensation.

Mccracken is also embroiled in legal action over the alleged illegal clearing of land in the whitsundays.

Mccracken, wife, michelle ann and contractors bastemeyer corporation and coastline constructions pty ltd face a combined total of 25 counts after a road was cut through bush and two big coastal blocks allegedly cleared at clarke cove just north of airlie beach without approval.

The site is said to have included endangered and protected wildlife.

The whitsunday regional council council obtained a court order in july last year requiring extensive site restoration and rehabilitation.

The works involved revegetating about 2ha with seedlings;Making the roads a maximum of 10m wide for the earlando road section and 7m for internal roads;Rebuilding about 500m of the earlando road;And dismantling and stabilising the road 8eze leading to the proposed jetty.

The council said there had been no action by mccracken and the environment

Was at risk of further Cheap Graduation Dresses Australia damage.

Meanwhile, mr kakavas is fighting his own legal battle, suing melbourne crown casino, alleging he lost $30 million in a 14month gambling spree after the casino enticed him to play, despite a selfimposed ban from the premises.

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Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags by rufus_k

Goodwill shoppers unite

I've found tons of junk good stuff there:D but i'd have to say that my favorite finds are:Oh oh oh.As i type this, i'm using this hairdryer thingy that i got at the goodwill.I'm deep conditioning my hair right now and have this great deals on Handbags hair dryer thingyon my head that shoots out heat from a hose that's attached to a plastic cap:D it was brand new in the box from sally beauty supply for $44.99, but I only paid $5.99 for it!Woohoo

(The link shows a higher price, so i must have an older model or something.But it was still new! )Woot

Original post by shapeshifter:

Moody, gurl what goodwill do you go to that you found the louis bags at?That's amazing. : )

You have good shopping mojo. : )

My question is:What kind of person donates their louis vuitton bag? !? !?Lol

It's not like i find a new louis v every time i go goodwill shopping.I'll come across great finds like that every once in a while.I guess it's just luck.

But man!When i find em.I'mDoing flips forDays:D

I cleaned out my closet last weekend yay and have a bunch of stuff i need to take today.

The only item of note is an old coach purse i bought in a secondhand store.A box of random dishes that were Louis Vuitton Women replaced last xmas with fiestaware.Three boxes of clothes.A couple of fistfuls of dresses and skirts on hangers.Oh and a few lame xmas presents from my sil.One year she wrapped a package of little debbies after we all drew names.The lil debbies are not being donated fyi.

Claire, $10 for 4 place settings of fiestaware is truly amazing.Nice find!

Original post Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags by rufus_k:

Just want to jump in and say any high end designer good you might find in a thrift is most likely a fake.

That said i'm a big thrift store fan and have found so much great stuff(Over years)That i couldn't begin to list.

OhDefinitely!I have Louis Vuitton Salehttp://www.furrst.com/ about 80 fakes:D

But the few that are real.I got from a few thrifstores.I paid 100 bucks for a louis vuitton, 80 bucks for a dooney.Etc.I think some of the thrift stores know what they have, hence the high prices.

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